VET in Schools (VETiS )Certificate II Courses at North Metro TAFE

VET in Schools (VETiS )Certificate II Courses at North Metro TAFE

Students in Year 11 and 12 may also be given the opportunity to apply for VETiS programs within local Tertiary Training Providers at North Metro TAFE in Joondalup and Clarkson. Eligible students may begin the application process at the end of Year 10 for the following year.

Students will need to meet the  entry requirements and have an interest and personal commitment to attend each week. Selection of students is made by North Metro TAFE and parents and the school will be notified on a successful application at the end of the current year for placement the following year.

Courses offered of Certificate II level and are limited to sectors with current skills shortages. Successful students will be required to attend training off campus one day per week and will need to purchase any equipment requirements.

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